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Music I listen to

Almost anything, except rap, death metal, and gospal

Movies I like

Princess Bride
Anything Miyazaki
Titan AE
Lord of the Rings

TV shows I watch

Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Stargate SG1 & Atlantis
Modern Marvals
Numerous Anime
Others that I cannot think of

Interesting facts about me

I collect rocks.
I am designing a video game (RPG... by myself... been going for several years now... help...)
I play the clarinet (7 years running), keyboard (I'm theachin' myself), and some percussion (congas RULE!)
I have been in 3 highschool musical productions as a member of the pit orchestra: Into the Woods, Smokey Joe's Cafe, and Bye Bye Birdie (I played second percussion for all of them)
I am an avid backpacker.
My great-great-grandfather was a member of the Press Expidition (the first group of men to cross the Olympic Mountains in Washington State)

Comments about me

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